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Dates and Prices

Coaching is a very individual service that is primarily based on the mutual trust between coachee and coach. It is a short-term support to recognize your own strengths better and to be able to use them better. It is particularly suitable in concrete phases of reorientation or in the case of specific challenges.

It is important, however, that it does not represent therapy and also no psychological therapy or counseling. Rather, it is a reflection with a neutral professional in a meaningful life situation.

If it is a very specific request, sometimes an hour is enough to get the necessary impetus. For example, when it comes to a professional reorientation, we will meet more often. Depending on the question, we will first arrange 1-6 coaching meetings.

It is important to me that people with a slightly lower income (especially in this still acute Corona crisis situation) also have the opportunity to be properly coached. Therefore, I give my hourly rate here with a large margin.


Individual coaching/ business coaching per hour:

  • 50€ for people with very low income (proof of unemployment, etc.)
  • 80€ regular rate
  • There is an additional one-time fee of €40 for using the GPI® personality test.

Team coaching:

  • 150€ per hour
  • Daily rates on request

Seminars/ Lectures:

  • Depending on the individual effort. Price on request.


Due to the current situation, I have had very good experiences with conducting coaching sessions online.

In addition to the e-coaching, the discussions can of course also take place face-to-face in Frankfurt am Main and the surrounding area (possibly also in Berlin).